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Shoe Bomber Fundraiser Workout and Breakfast this Saturday at 11 am

image Help the Shoe Bomber support his boxing dream at this Saturday's Shoe Bomber Steak and National Championships Fundraiser Workout. For those of you who don't know Dave 'the Shoe Bomber' Robinson, here's a bit about who he is as a boxer and a person: A year ago, the Shoe Bomber started hosting boxing clinics at CrossFit Vancouver. A year later, he says those clinics have literally been supplying his steaks. “My diet has been supported by the boxing clinics. I’ve been eating lots of steak – all from the money from the clinics,” explained the Shoe Bomber, who is not only a boxer, but a model as well. As fellow CrossFitters, we can all appreciate how important a good diet is for performance, and there’s an argument to be made that those steaks the Shoe Bomber has been pounding all year allowed him to dominate the recent B.C. Provincial Championships, knocking out his opponent and taking the title in the process. image Next up are the Canadian National Championships this December in Quebec City. If all goes well in Quebec City, the Shoe Bomber, who has been boxing for 17 years, will have to travel back to Quebec a month later for Box-Offs. And if he’s successful a second time, there’s a chance he could be on his way to represent Canada and compete at the Pan American Games. But first things first, the Shoe Bomber has to get to Quebec City. And life as an amateur athlete isn’t exactly financially lucrative. Even if he wins the National Title, he still might not become a carded athlete. This fact hasn’t stopped this boxer with a heart of gold from pursuing his goals. This has meant putting his landscaping business on hold for the time being in order to free up adequate time for training. It’s been tough, but he says it’s been well worth it. He has learned a lot about himself as an athlete and a person. “There used to be a lot of questions – of doubts – in my head before fighting. But CrossFit has helped me erase those doubts, and what’s in place of those doubts is, ‘I’ve done my work. I’m doing things other people aren’t doing, and I’m as prepared as I’ve ever been,’” explained the Shoe Bomber. So this weekend, we’re hosting an event for the Shoe Bomber. The WOD will be at 11 am. The 10 am class will be cancelled, so we can devote our energy to our school’s most successful boxer. We’ll set up a donation box – all proceeds go to the Shoe Bomber Steak and National Championships Fund. Also, please sign the good luck card. We’ll leave the card and donation box up next week, in case you can’t make the workout this Saturday, but would like to donate. Right after the workout, we’ll head to Zawa – on Commercial at Venables – for breakfast. One thing is for sure, the Shoe Bomber will be a thoroughly appreciative recipient of your donations. He doesn’t take the love he’s been given at this school for granted. “I wouldn’t be boxing anymore if it weren’t for CrossFit, that’s for sure. And having Patty support me – I never felt like I had someone in my corner before. He’s in my corner,” said the Shoe Bomber. “It’s good to have someone in your corner.” On behalf of CrossFit Vancouver: We’re all in your corner, Shoe!