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Lon Kilgore has written an awesome article about different kinds of athletic shoes and how to rate them for your use. He is an excellent writer. From his choice of subject matter to his ability to communicate scientific ideas to the lay person (me) I believe he is one of the Journal's most prized assets. I really liked how he compared the bar path on squats between weightlifting shoes and running shoes. Very telling. Read the article here. Our very own Tony Leyland is another CF Journal juggernaut. This summer while on sabbatical he is going to research tolerances to foods seemingly bad for you by Paleo standards. The Dutch diet is full of dairy, bread and beer yet they are some of the healthiest humans on the planet (look at Andy Swartz). Why is that? Is the Paleo diet really for everyone? Is there a genetic bias for tolerances to gluton and dairy? Don't know where the research will be published but it will nevertheless be super interesting. This is just a sample of the excellent journalism and material made available to us by the CrossFit Journal. They also use lots of video in the publications. Its only $25 a year. Guaranteed huge bang for your buck. Sign up for The CrossFit Journal here. I actually put the shoe article up in our Project Endurance section for our awesome runners. Loved it so much I just had to share with the rest of you. (Pardon the shameless Project Endurance plug - we are doing another this summer!) This Saturday is the final session of PE. Runners are going to be testing themselves against their first day with PE - A 2 mile run. Should be really interesting to see the results. Friday's Workout: The Hellenator - Sort Of. You and a partner will trade rounds of Helen for 40 minutes. EXCEPT!! WallBalls will be done instead of KB Swings. 400 m Run 21 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs) 12 Pull Ups Actual hand tag is required to trade off the round. Write your names and rounds on the front board. I know. Its raining. Inset a rub on the back from Sheppy here. Now get in here and kill this WOD. Muah! Shep