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Short and Nasty

image"The first thought that comes to mind is this: it's damn hard. Fran is not an easy workout. And it gets even worse because the better you get at it, the worse you feel afterwards. Fran epitomizes the classic "love/hate" relationship in life. The few seconds after you get off the bar after the last pull-up, whether you tried it for the first time, have a firefighter's outfit on, or hit a PR, your thought process is something along the lines of, "Well, that was a dumbass idea." But then you love the feeling you get when you exert yourself to your maximum potential, especially if you stand (or lie) victorious. As humans we feel successful after doing something that is damn hard, and Fran is no exception." excerpt from a Justin Lascek Crossfit Article The 5th Entry into our Fall Benchmark Super Seven is a workout named:
21, 15, 9 Reps of 95lb Thrusters and Pull-ups
I've never seen so many people anticipate a workout like this one. Ever felt adrenaline? You may prior to this one. It's a beautifully designed Greg Glassman CrossFit workout that produces some of the highest power outputs for it's generally short duration of time. It is not a predictor of who will win The Games but certainly is a tool to help maximize your work output. All the other named Girls are just as useful and fit within our program of increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. This Fall, make a conscious effort to balance the spectrum (think of our 10 General Physical Skills), and you'll receive big gains in your overall performance and health. Don't be humbled by Fran, but embrace it for taking you the closest to work capacity you've ever been for a 3 to 5 minute period of time by simply combining two functional movements and a stop watch.