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Skinny? Want to put on Lean Muscle Mass? Drink Whole Milk!

Check out this blog (That the machine found first) from my buddy Brendan (Crossfit Stud from Santa Cruz) About all the talk of my milk diet since I heard suggestions of steroid use. I added one gallon of whole milk each day to my normal diet of 17 zone blocks. This is about 33 blocks each day since one cup is roughly one block and there are 16 cups in a gallon. I didn't do super squats or any major powerlifting type program. I follow the WOD from this site and that is it. I attack every workout I do with every bit of what I am and that's close to it. I add things like L-sits, and glute ham work each day but other than that its just surf and jiu jitsu. I weighed 172 lbs right before I started drinking it and 6 weeks later I weighed an even 200lbs. I cut back to a half gallon on most days but sometimes still bang out the whole thing and I dropped to 193lbs. I feel great at this weight. My performance is making better progress now. I put 20lbs on my back squat and even my Met-Con is getting better. I suggest it to anyone wanting to pack on some lean muscle mass the healthy way....B