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SKINS here Monday the 24th from 3 to 8!

image Skins will be stopping by the School of Fitness on Monday afternoon with 50% off products.imageWhy T-Bear likes Skins: "It decreases vibration when you workout. Makes you feel like a superhero. And you'll look like one too," he says in T-Bear fashion. Giselle, who wears Skins pants adds, "They make you feel like a gazelle." More technically speaking, Skins is an established compression clothing brand. CrossFit athletes say compression clothing helps not only with performance, but also with recovery. This is because it accelerates blood flow and increases oxygen delivery to the muscles, which ultimately speeds up muscle repair. Compression gear is the fastest growing sports garment at the moment, and Skins is at the forefront of this new technology. Here is the Skins story and some example products: SKINS_Story.pdf SKINS_MSRP.pdf