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Saturday's Team Workout

We have the luxury of having lots of space, so I knew as soon as we bought our 65' ropes, I had to find a way to program them into a conditioning style workout.  

When I originally created this workout I banked on a few less people in the class due to the long weekend. After I saw the size, Chloe and I were forced to make a few adjustments with time and numbers. I was confident the workout was going to as planned once the adjustments were complete. 

Back to my original point; Due to the size of our space and the equipment we have, the variety and exposure we get to program as a gym is immense. This keeps it exciting for you the client, and keeps it fresh for us as coaches and programmers. This is part of what make this place so great. 

For those of who weren't in the gym on Saturday, here is a little taste of what the class looked like. 

Expect to see this one again in the near future. 

Coach Tom