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Slightly More Emotional Canadian Regionals Review

What a weekend... Where to start? There were some inspiring moments, some major downs, some unexpected craziness, some genuine laughs, and some dejected tears (and I might have peed myself on the side of the road after the 5 km run). I'm not going to pretend like it wasn't a disappointing weekend. In fact, I feel like my heart has been ripped out at the moment, but that's the way sports go sometimes. "Everyday is a school day," Pete kept repeating all weekend. I agree and I don't; I certainly don't ever remember learning as much at school as I did this weekend. Some moments that standout from the weekend (some of which I'm still struggling to process the significance of): 1. Aiste dominating not only women, but men, on her leg of the run to help solidify our team's 3rd place finish in the first event. Great start to the weekend!2. Andy smashing his head on a bar giving himself a massive egg on his forehead (a bar with no weight on it, I should add), and then turning around and crushing the snatch event 10 minutes later. 3. T-Bear nailing 37 dips in a row with insane amounts of speed. I wish you could have all been there to hear the impressed rumbling in the crowd. But the best part was his face when he jumped off the bar; he looked absolutely on fire. Bear - you have one solid head on your shoulders. 4. Even though I didn't consciously realize it at the moment (in fairness, I thought I was going to die at the time), Pete K coming over to me after he finished his double under workout (he was in the same heat as me) and getting right up in my face encouraging me to push through the rest of the WOD. He really did try to save me there. 5. The surge of energy I felt when I watched Pete and Lumber crush (crush in an understatement) their overhead squats and SDHPs to push them ahead of Calgary at the time (this was after my 'Double Under meltdown,' at a time when I didn't think I'd even be able to muster up the emotional and mental strength to begin, let alone, finish the final workout of the day that was coming up shortly). Watching you two bring that kind of energy put me back in a place where I felt I could continue to compete. 6. Kelly - just being you. You bring so much warmth to the group. Sometimes people give you hugs when you're down, and it feels like you're hugging a tree. When you hugged me when I was crying, it felt like you really cared. Your hug ACTUALLY made me feel better, and I don't know what more I could want in a hug. 7. Competing in the last WOD of the competition. I knew that I had fucked myself over too badly on the double unders at this point. The pressure was off, and I felt freer than I have in a workout before. I really didn't give a shit about winning or getting to the Games or about the pain I was in. But the best part was having all of you there cheering for me as hard as you would have had I gone into the last workout in 1st place. 8. Being back here in Vancouver, at 2 am last night: Sitting around a table at Sunset Grill with Patty and Pete - all three of us with tears in our eyes at different points in the night - followed by them dragging me to Kits beach to scream at the top of my lungs into the ocean. At the end of the day CrossFit isn't that important, but what it brings out of us is.... Our team here at CrossFit Vancouver (and not just the people who traveled to Calgary - EVERYONE in this community) is made up of the kind of people most people spend their lives searching for, and this has nothing to do with performance. It has to do with the love and support I felt off every single one of you all weekend long (and it was a long mother fucking weekend) and the love I feel off you all every single day when I walk into the gym. Onwards and upwards! Emily/Beers/Punky/Eunice (How can I NOT feel the love? I have four nicknames, for fuck sakes!)