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Slo Motion Weightlifting - Friday Prep

In light of having a max clean & jerk programmed this coming Friday, I wanted to give you guys a solid visual as to what a great looking clean & jerk looks like. 

This slo-motion video captures in essence what we want to see in a maximal attempt. Technical and solid positions along with an effort that allows us to move without breakdown or compromise. 

Keep a few things in mind while watching this video. 

  1. proximity of the bar to her body
  2. arms straight until the bar meets her hip
  3. extension of the hip and the ankles in both the clean and jerk
  4. "meeting" the bar rather than having the bar "land" on her body in the clean
  5. quick elbow extension in the the jerk
  6. solid landing position (control) in the jerk stance
  7. control of the bar overhead before the drop

Side note: Completely cool if come Friday you decide simply to perform a challenging clean single rather than a clean & jerk together. 



Coach Tom