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Snatch Clinic Next Weekend

imageimageimage The Olympics have shown some pretty impressive olympic weightlting thus far. Live feeds of all of the lifting can be found at: Last night (while I guess very early this morning) a 53kg Thailand girl Snatched 95kg (1.8xs body weight) and clean and jerked 126kgs (2.45xs her body weight) to set a world record and win the weight class. To give you an idea of what seperates the top lifters from the rest, Melanie Roach from the US had a great day going 6 for 6 and finished in sixth place with an 83kg snach and 110kg cean and jerk (and set an american record along the way). If you want to improve your lifts, come on out to the snatch clinic next saturday. The clinic will run from 11-3 and we will be breaking down the snatch into its individual components and doing drills to workk on improving flexibility, body coordination and power transfer. The cost for the 4 hour clinic is $50 for crossfit Vancouver members and $70 for non members. 13 people have already signed up. For reveiws of the las clinic held check out: Let me know if you are interested! Machine