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Time to get the barbell out and play with one of the most technical lifts we do here at CFV, it has been a while since we hit this lift. and Olympic lifting is one of the most beneficial types of training. I feel it will help various athletes no matter what your sport is. I was sharing with a friend today that the lifting is something we can spend a life time working on. I recall saying that it would be so rewarding hanging out in the garage at 80 years plus with the Grand Children working on Olympic lifts! The beauty of this movement is some days are on, some off. Sort of like a Golf swing, if your head is not clear you may not hit your last P.B. Ether way it's always a good time. As for athletes the explosiveness carries over to so many type of sport. Foot ball, Le cross, Hockey, Cage fighting excetra, I could go on. Anyway, come on now, get down to the box and show us your snatch. Warm up: Burgener warm up Tech/Workout: Snatch (1,1,1,1,1,1,1)