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So Long DOC

image Doc is leaving us to for Toronto! He is heading to TO to start his first real job... as a surgeon. Doc has been a big part of the CrossFit Vancouver community pretty much from the very beginning when Patty opened up his first shop on Terminal. He always found time in his busy schedule to come down and fit in a workout. I remember he would always try to make it to class but if his schedule didn't allow it he could be found working out in the corner (usually on bench press). When he did make it to class he was eager to learn and to help those less experienced. He always gives every workout all he has and the best part Doc always says thank you to whoever happens to be coaching the class. It is sad to see him go, CrossFit Vancouver is losing one of its most dedicated athletes, but we can take comfort knowing he is moving onto bigger and better things. So, today's workout is made special just for Doc. I encourage everyone to come on down and give it your best shot and wish Doc well on his way. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. "Doctor's Orders" Number of repetitions in 20 minutes Max repetitions of bench press (75 lbs for ladies/135 lbs for gents) 400m run As soon as you finish your last bench head out the door to the 400 m mark, come back in and start your next set of bench press. Keep going until the timer stops.