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So you think we’re expensive?

People often ask why were so expensive.

To that, I reply, Compared to what?

A BMW is expensive compared to a Prius, but not so expensive compared to a Lexus.

The car analogy is always an easy one, because everyone understands the concept of cars not being created equal, and you price shop according to your budget and what you value in a car.

The same is true of gyms: The average gym membership in North America sits around $50 a month, while another 15 percent of people say they pay between $150 and $250 a month.

Lets look at what you get at a regularglobo gym or community center for $50 a month


A facility with equipment

Maybe some group fitness classes 

Thats really it. If you want more coaching or personal training or nutritional services or any additional bells and whistles like towel service, youre going to pay for it. But as for the fitness part of the gym, youre essentially left to your own devices every time you show up to guess what you should be doing to get you fit. In other words, nobody really cares if youre actually getting fit or enjoying yourself at all. And the odd time you do connect with one of the gyms employeessomeone who maybe gives you useful advice here and therethat person usually leaves within a few months to a year because he needs to make more than $11 an hour.

What you get with us

MadLab School of Fitness

A facility with equipment

A personal coach (who actually knows you, as well as your strengths and limitations) in your corner to help you with specific goals, be it fitness or nutrition-relateda professional who intends to make a career in the industry.

Coaching EVERY SINGLE TIME you step foot in our facility

A blend of group classes and personal training, as well as specialty classes (mobility and weightlifting)

A well-designed fitness program that will actually get you fit (and the option for individual programming or the Development Program should you want it)

A community of people to connect with/community events/nutrition challenges etc

So yes, we cost more than $50 a month, but comparing us to the community center down the street is like asking the Audi dealer if you can get an Audi for the price of a Honda Civic: Apples and oranges!

Cheekiness aside, though, from a business perspective, the reason we cost more than the regular gym has to do with our expenses. For us to stay afloat, we cant be charging $100 a month. Let alone $150Wed have to close our doors so fast if we charged $150 a month.

Our entire business model is based on providing you with what we believe you really need to get fit: MANPOWER in the form of coaching and programming. If coaching and programming, and actually getting fit and staying fit, is valuable to you, then $250-plus a month isnt expensive: Its just the real cost of providing you the results you need to live a great life.