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Tips for the Festive Season

Here are some tips from the MadLab Coaches:

Coach Chesty:
Conditioning and strength can be difficult to maintain when your schedule is filled with holiday gatherings and indulgent atmospheres. A daily practice of deep breathing and mobility maintenance can be fit in just about anything and don’t require you to jump around or rush to the gym. Set aside a reasonable amount of time (5-30 minutes), daily, and target the major joints (spine, hips, and shoulders). You’d be surprised how a even a mild stimulus can maintain muscular tone, feed nutrients to the joints/tissues, and help manage anxiety. 

Coach Emily:
Workout first thing in the morning before you start eating and drinking too much!

Coach Tom: 
When eating and drinking during the holiday season simply just keep in mind volume. Everyone is going to to indulge, and that's fine. Just be aware that the things you may want to indulge in the most are likely the most calorie dense, so be careful to not consume eight cookies when two might scratch your itch. 

Coach Andy:
This time of year doesn't have to be stressful. Everything you take on is a choice.  Own your choices.

Coach Sheppy:
With the holiday season upon is we can expect many wonderful and delicious offerings.  After all, sharing is what the season is about.  I recommend that you enjoy the goodies, deliciousness and good cheer.  Its fun to indulge.  

However, where I want you to exercise your restraint is in the portions you gobble down.  Just because something is delicious doesn't mean you need to eat 12 of them or 3 plates of it (I know - The lizard brain takes over).  Food hangovers are real!  Eat normal or even smaller portions of food.  This is especially important because there will be a higher frequency of gobble down occasions during the holidays. Reducing the portions, and hence volume, of holiday foods you take in will greatly diminish the negative health effects the holidays can have on your body.  

How do I know this works?  I've been doing it for a few years now!!  Only one normal size plate at Christmas dinner.  Oh ya and stay active!!  Earn your treats!

Coach Tbear:
Reduce the clutter around you.
Plan meals beforehand for the weeks to come as time is always limited.  Maybe have some frozen meals ready in the freezer for those days. Lasagne, meatloaf, stew, chilli, etc.

 A few tips from an old post….

Decide When You’re Leaving Before You Arrive
Obviously, if you’re having a good time you should stay, but giving yourself a limit of, say, two hours might help you relax.

Know Your Limits
During the holidays, you’re bound to have more social engagements than usual. Be honest with yourself and know when to say no. 

Don’t Drink Too Much
Nowhere is it written that there shall be alcohol whenever a family gets together.  A sparkling cider or an interesting non-alcoholic cocktail could be thrown in.

Plan your indoor workouts.
Winter is here.  Sneak in some planks, bridges, straightjacket sit-ups, active squats and you’ll barely get noticed.

Provide escape routes.
Togetherness is not for everyone. Make sure there are ways for the shyer or more intimidated to get away from the crowd. If most people will be watching football, set up a movie in another room, ask for help in the kitchen, set up a jigsaw puzzle away in the corner table or go for a walk.  

After guests leave, reward yourself.  Sink into your favourite chair and give yourself credit (and an extra piece of pie?) for trying to make a difference.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s totally possible to enjoy the holidays - but it all comes down to self-care. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, building in extra me-time, and doing things you genuinely love.