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Something Fishy

image CrossFit Vancouver has its' own brand of fish oil - Mighty Omega! CrossFitters worldwide have used fish oil very successfully to improve health, increase athletic performance and decrease recovery time, inflammation and soreness. Over the past year we have tested this pharmaceutical grade fish oil under the manufacturer's label and it has proven more effective at lower doses than competing formulas to such an extent that CrossFitters and other athletes from outside CrossFit Vancouver come to us to buy this product! Based on these results we have private labelled the product. Today's Techique: Squat Snatch 1 rep max Today's WOD: Snatching Elizabeth 21-15-9 Squat Snatch 95/65 Ring Dips And speaking of Oils, our fridge is packed full of Udo's EFA Plex (flax seed oil). I have the good fortune of knowing Udo personally and he is a really unique character. You probably have never met so vibrant and high energy a 70+ year old as him. He is mentally sharp, physically fit and on the go more than anyone I know. Is it just good genetics or is it something in his oil?