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Special Needs Flight - Sign Up on the cork-board Paleo List

Place DXA Scan beside your name/email/ Again, lots of chatter but not a lot of movement. Come play. Give a little, Get a lot. Data doesn't lie. Hoe-hummers with excuses often get left behind those that challenge themselves. imageimageimage So, the challenge goes out to Sheppy, Sack, Dan, Vincent, Arthur the Animal, Moose, Bill, Darth, Whibs, Shoebomber, Aimee, Rhea, and maybe a few wildcards like Pup, Lumber, Pinky, Lars, Big Baby, Ana, Jesse and Panda(but I think they should still hit the battle paleo grounds) to join the: "Super Lean 2000 Category" Peter Schwagly of BodyComp Imaging (890 West Pender Facility) will do the analysis and give us 25% off the $100 DXA Scans. Dash will take in the preliminary numbers and compare them at the finale. Sign up on this blog!!! % Improvement in the following areas over 6 weeks: 1. Strength - CF Total + Clean&Jerk + Snatch 2. Stamina, CV & Res Endurance Improvement - VO2 Max (% improvement) and maybe 800m sprint or Fran. 3. The % improvement of Muscle Mass gained. No Sandbagging the initial tests. We'll average all 3 of the categories above to find the winner. Who's game? I'll put a prize pack together for the top 3.