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Speed, Accuracy and Coordination

Check this guy out. Its all about that opening move. This sport is called Mallakhamb. "Malla" means gymnast and "Khamb" means pole. Its been around since the 12th century. Read more here. It has been a great 2 days at the gym. I have seen some phenomenal efforts. Thursday's WOD is a doozy so we are going to mess around with some bodyweight stuff and the good old double under. Wednesday's Workout: Skill/Tech: Front Lever / Back Lever / Ice Cream Makers Workout: For Time 20 Sets of 20 Unbroken Double Unders If you don't make 20 it doesn't count. 25 minute cut off. I saw Big Baby fail 4 times at 19 of 20 on his 20th round. Heartbreaking. If you are doing 1 du and 1 single then do 20 sets of 10 unbroken (not alternating). Warm those calves up really well and give them a good stretch after and throughout the day. Hugs and Kisses, The Shepherd