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Speed Demonds

image Well friends the same old conversation comes up a lot these days...Vegan vs Meat Eater! I recall being a kid and being told to eat what was on my plate or I would go to bed hungry. There was no such thing as the word "Vegan" in my vocabulary, although the word was coined and the vegan society was founded in 1944. The Vegan Society formally defined veganism as "the doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals". I don't know about you guys, but I think I'll trust the cavemen over a 'way of eating' that has been practiced less than 70 years. Here's a little vid for your viewing entertainment! Warm-up: 50 kettlebell swings for time (black/red) Technique: Review the row WOD: 500m row x 3 400m run x 3 Rules: 1. Three attempts at each. 2. Start on whatever station you prefer. 3. Alternate back and forth between stations. 4. Rest as needed, but you only have until the end of class! Post your combined times for your fastest row and fastest run in total seconds (ex. Your fastest row is 1:32 and your fastest run is 1:19. You will post 171 seconds)