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Sport Science Infographics

Hey check out one of Adam Virgile's Articles he's created below.

He created his website to serve as an online resource that we should (can) trust for unbiased exercise, sports nutrition, and sport science information. He states that the accurate nutrition, exercise, and sports science information on the internet has become diluted in a sea of myths and fallacies. Resulting in factual information becoming hard to find these days. So, his aim is to provide immediate access to the most accurate nutrition, exercise, and sport science information available based on the current evidence in literature.

He got hired by the New York Rangers. Started a website. And his newfound passion paved his way to becoming the team’s first Performance Analyst or Sport Scientist.

I like that he’s obsessed with reading all the longer research papers on sports performance/exercise.  And now creates infographics and writes research reviews to summarize the findings. Thank you for the graphics.

Check out his article on : Heart Rate Recovery: An Underutilized Metric for Identifying Fitness and Fatigue in Athletes


"Evaluating athlete preparedness for competition demands, and understanding how prescribed training affects fitness and fatigue parameters, is of utmost importance for applied sport professionals. Routinely assessing heart rate recovery can provide pragmatic, cost-effective insights for these evaluations.

 What is Heart Rate Recovery?

Heart-rate recovery (HRR) can be defined as the rate at which heart rate declines after the cessation of physical exercise [1]. HRR can be calculated over different time frames, classically between 30 seconds and 3 minutes post-exercise, by subtracting the heart rate (HR) value obtained after the chosen time frame from the final HR value observed during the exercise [2-5]. Assessments of HRR over shorter durations (i.e. 30 seconds, 1 minute) are frequently used in the literature and are the most practical, particularly in the elite sport setting."