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Spud Hooks Up CrossFit Vancouver

The Olympics seems to have affected all our lives in ways we could not imagine. Most noticeably attendance while there is a Canadian hockey game on. I am putting up Thursday's post a little early today so I can watch Canada play Russia in the quarter final this afternoon. TBear, noticing that people's diet is probably slipping a bit during the Olympics, has graciously extended the Paleo Challenge to the end of March. To help us tighten up the laces in this last month, and forever more, Danielle Lovell (currently in pt with Fancy Pants) has hooked us up with Spud! image Ever wish you had more time to work on your muscle up? Slice time off a run? Did you know the average person spends 90 minutes a week at the grocery store? And the average spud! customer spends 9 minutes a week shopping online? Local bison, organic pork, lamb, salmon burgers and more tasty paleo-friendly groceries delivered to your door. Enter the code 'CrossfitVan' when you sign up at, and get 10% off all of the produce (certified organic). Current spud! customers, just email Danielle Lovellto get your account switched to the Crossfit Vancouver discount. Thursday's Workout: A classic. 9 Squat Clean (155/100 lbs) 3 Rope Climb Ascents 5 Rounds for Time Originally the rope climbs were legless. We are merciful. Don't forget to bring a long sock to protect your leg. Much Love, The Shepherd