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Squat University Warm Up

I'm a big fan of Squat University. Its a resource set up by Dr. Aaron Horschig.  You can find it on their website, Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube.  

After being in the fitness industry for 13 plus years one can get numb to over zealous online writers and videos.  Sometimes a message could even have merit but I turn it off because who they are being is too loud, aggressive, ignorant and arrogant (these last 2 are very close siblings).

That's why I like Squat University.  He's academically educated (not internet educated) with real practical sense of how to coach people to a better movement.  He doesn't have to ruffle his feathers and beat his chest in order to communicate.  His topic choices are useful.  His delivery is clear and positive. 

Recently I've been messing around with his little squat warm up piece.  It works on your:

  • Foot stability
  • Alignment
  • Ankle mobility
  • Stability at the bottom and throughout the squat

Here is the instructional video:

I'm super happy with the mobilization and activation I can get out of this exercise.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.