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Stability In Your Golf Swing

We all know stability in your golf swing is important but how do you get it?

Does it just magically appear when you want it? (I wish)

Just like everything else in life you have to work at it. 

It is very common that golfers have trouble "covering the ball".  This  means staying over top of the ball while you swing. 

Its also common for golfers to swing quite hard and loose their balance and accuracy.

Now of course there are cues that could get a golfer to cover the ball and not swing so hard...

But what if we added physical training to enable your body to better execute those cues and a more sound golf swing?

Here are two exercises (of many) that I get my golf fitness clients to do in order to improve their strength and stability. 


Banded split stance chop with rotation

Banded split stance lift with rotation


So in both of these exercises the athlete has to stabilize with the lower body while rotating the upper under tension. 

There is up and down in the golf swing so the chop is a downward movement and the lift is an upward movement. 

In 4 years of practicing TPI Golf Fitness I've seen this exercise work wonders for golfers of all different skill levels.


I always say your body is the most important piece of golf equipment you have.  Treat it as such - Invest in its performance and durability.

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