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Start Thinking about Nutts Cup!

Save the date, if you haven't already: August 26th. The 8th annual Nutts Cup—held in honour of Lt. Andrew Nuttall, one of our former coaches who was tragically killed in battle serving with the Canadian Army in Afghanistan in 2009. If there's one day you should make an effort to come to, it's this day: It's truly one of the best days to be part of the MadLab community all year. One part fitness, two parts a shit ton of fun known to stretch into all hours of the night...

More details will be released soon, but two things you need to know for now is:

1. Get your teams ready! Teams of 3. Each team must have one female.  You do NOT need to be firebreathers to compete! All are welcome and wanted. 

2. Registration opens July 26th: $300 per team.

All proceeds raised go to the Lt. Andrew Nuttall Foundation.

If you're new to Madlab, here's a quick video that gives you an idea of the day: