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Starting Out

Fundamentals Programs


IMG_2260We are not a group exercise class or a boot camp facility. We’re trying to get you fit for life. In order to do this, you will work with your personal coach and complete 12 to 20 one-on-one or two-on-one personal training sessions that will properly prepare you for the demands of group classes. During this time, and even upon graduation, you and your coach will constantly monitor your fitness rating through our data entry system – The Pocket Coach – and graduation to classes will be based on our physical Benchmarks. 


Learning movements that are required for improved fitness – movements like squats, snatches and pull-ups – take time, as does improving your mobility, your endurance, your speed and your power. We used to throw people into group classes right away, and we tried small group onramps for a while, but both turned out to be a recipe for failure. Students weren’t prepared; they didn’t move well; they didn’t understand their capabilities; they over-trained; they got injured. Or they were simply too intimidated to even show up to a class. Improving your fitness is a slow process. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when they show up at our doors. Some students struggle with mobility, others with stability, others yet come to us two months after having knee surgery and need to be tended with care. And on the other end of the spectrum, some athletes arrive at our door well conditioned with an extensive athletic background. The point is we all have different needs when we start a new strength and conditioning program. It doesn’t make sense to throw you right into classes before you have properly learned the movements. So at our school, by the time you graduate to classes, you’ll have a good understanding of 30-40 movements, and you will know exactly how to scale each movement if you’re not yet able to master everything.  And more importantly you will have a relationship with a professional coach, who will be with you for life.