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Strength Adaptation

Go Heavy or Go for Speed? The answer - go for both - CrossFit creates a high level of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) in the athlete. We want it all. We search, rummage and scrutinize the earth to find and test all the best training, programming and diet methodologies that help us adapt to be more powerful (P=F*D/t or P=Force *Velocity) and healthy human beings. We all adapt differently we just have to understand what works better for each of us, and advance towards our Optimal/Genetic Performance Potential. Understand the intermediate & advanced crossfit athlete always needs a little more variation to improve the stress/adaptation response to training. Hopefully this will delay the inevitable performance plateau as long as possible. Check out Rip's Figures below and get out of your comfort zone. Thursday and Friday Workout (3 Rounds) 3 Push Press 5 Front Squats 7 Handstand Push-ups 9 Sumo Deadlifts 550m Figure 8 Run Post your weight to the leaderboard. 20 minute time limit. No racks, 1 bar, 1 weight, power clean your bar as needed to finish. Use the 1st half hour to warm-up and practice the movements. I'd utilize the kipping HSPU today. Use the band HSPU progressions as well. image If your in both days, spend Friday Box Squatting (2Reps * 12 Sets) and working on other weaknesses (talk to your coach). Neural Adaptation to Strength Training image image The process by which the nervous system adapts to a new strength training program or motor activity. Increase in muscle strength is result of two variables, increases muscle size and increased neural function. Increase in muscle size is the result of proper exercise and more importantly, proper nutrition. Increase in neural function is the result of experience; novice weight lifters have poor form due to their lack of neural function within the muscle. People new to weight lifting will experience a dramatic increase in strength with little change in muscle size, this is due to the increase of neural activity in the muscle. As you can see in the chart, with the initiation of a strength building program, a spike in neural activity occurs. The initial increase in muscle strength is almost entirely due to the increase of neural activity. After 20 weeks, you will notice that increased muscle size becomes the primary cause of increases in strength. Neural adaptation to strength training occurs during the first few months of starting an exercise regiment. As your nervous system builds stronger links to your muscles cells, you will see increases in muscle memory and a dramatic increase in muscle strength in the beginning. This adaptation smooths out and the increase in muscle size becomes more responsible for increased muscle strength. For more experienced weight lifters: although this adaptation is a response of a new training regiment, it is not only useful to know for beginners. As your muscles adapt to your current training program, you will see less and less benefits from it. To get the best results, it is prudent to alter your program from time to time to keep this adaptation from leveling or plateauing. So try Fran+10lbs or Grace at Bodyweight. Or lessen the weight and go faster. Each of them have variance and are therefore valuable to keeping your body and central nervous system buzzing. CrossFit is so fun. T