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Strength is the Most Essential Physical Skill

As Mark Rippetoe says many people who are not strong find this suggestion offensive, that doesn't mean it is not true. More than a year ago I attended a Rippetoe cert and he pointed out that of the 10 General Physical skills the other 9 were all dependent on strength whereas strength was independent of the others making it truly the most foundational physical skill. It was an interesting point but as a strength athlete Rippetoe has an obvious bias. A month later however at the CF Gymnastics cert I heard Jeff Tucker suggest that rather than approaching gymnastics movements as skills as so many CrossFitters do, we should use gymnastics movements to develop strength. A quick look around our school and you will easily see our top athletes, Andy, Emily, Lumber, etc. are all very strong. Here's your chance to work on your strength: Today's WOD: CF Total 1 Rep Max Back Squat 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press 1 Rep Max Deadlift Add up your max Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift for your score. In order to complete within the hour do not spend more than about 20-25 minutes at any given station.