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Strength Training

Why Barbells? "Barbells, and the primary exercises we use them to do, are far superior to any other training tools that have ever been devised. Properly performed, full range-of-motion barbell exercises are essentially the functional expression of human skeletal and muscular anatomy under a load. The exercise is controlled by and the result of each trainee's particular movement patterns, minutely fine-tuned by each individual limb length, muscular attachment position, strength level, flexibility, and neuromuscular efficiency. Balance between all the muscles involved in a movement is inherent in the exercise, since all the muscles involved contribute their anatomically-determined share of the work. Muscles move the joints between the bones which transfer force to the load, and the way this is done is a function of the design of the system — when that system is used in the manner of its design, it functions optimally, and training should follow this design. Barbells allow weight to be moved in exactly the way the body is designed to move it, since every aspect of the movement is determined by the body... ...Barbells permit the minute adjustments during the movement that allow individual anthropometry to be expressed. Furthermore, barbells require the individual to make these adjustments, and any other ones that might be necessary to retain control over the movement of the weight. This aspect of exercise cannot be overstated - the control of the bar, and the balance and coordination demanded of the trainee, are unique to barbell exercise and completely absent in machine-based training. Since every aspect of the movement of the load is controlled by the trainee, every aspect of that movement is being trained." - Starting Strength 2nd Edition by Rippetoe   THURSDAY: WARM UP: 1 Wall Ball, 1 KB Swing 2 Wall Balls, 2 KB Swings 3 Wall Balls, 3 KB Swings and so on... How far can you get in 7 minutes? You want to hit this one hard as it will be your only met-con today.   WOD: Back Squats - use the remaining time of the class. 3, 3, 3, or 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 Today you can choose to go for heavy 3s with low reps to builds strength; or lighter 5s with higher reps to build muscular endurance.   Mad lab at 6pm!   Have a great day, Fancypants for CFP.