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Stretch Stretch Stretch!!

I saw some exceptional performances on Tuesday. A lot of you showed up and brought it hard. Loved it. But what I did not see is everyone stretching after the workout. Tony Leyland has provided us with an article that outlines what science is discovering about stretching. Summary: "The immediate effects of static stretching on muscular performance are different from the long term effects. Static stretching does not have immediate benefits to muscular performance or muscular injury rate. The training benefits of stretching, however, are improvements in both flexibility and muscular performance. Strength coaches should prescribe stretching in the cooldown after vigorous training and active warm up routines rather than static stretching before vigorous activity." Pretty straight forward. Static stretching before a workout produces a short term decrease in most kinds of maximal muscular performance. It does this by neuromuscular inhibition and decreased contractile force. In fact, static stretching in a warm up can lead to injury. It decreases your ability to handle overload and thus cause injury. One way this can happen is weakening the joint stability. Warm ups should consist of active or dynamic movements. The article suggests a "progressive warm up routine that mimics the sport or exercises to follow". Makes sense. Think of doing dislocates before you practice overhead squats with just the dowel. An effective warm up. I've always said: You warm a muscle up by moving it. All athletes must stretch. Inactivity, genetics (I can only presume this is the Prof) and repetitive movements can all cause inflexibility. "Static stretching is an important long term training stimulus and fitness routine for all athletes". Doing it often over the long haul is better than one giant dose here and there. Interestingly, the article does state that too much flexibility can cause injury as it can't limit excessive motion to protect your joint. "Maintenance of normal flexibility should be the goal of a stretching program". This raises an interesting situation for us here at CrossFit Vancouver. Classes are 1 hour long and we want to pack as much CrossFitting in there as possible. Sometimes we can program stretching after a fixed time workout but we generally leave it to the athlete to stretch after a workout. I know we all have busy lives but this is not something you want to neglect. We've recently started teaching some stretching in the pt sessions. Ask a coach or one of our stretching enthusiasts for some guidance. I strongly strongly encourage all of you to attend the next stretching class put on by Giselle and Andy (check the bulletin board by the women's washroom). They are also available for personal sessions as well. Take the time to give yourself the medicine you need after a workout. So I'm hoping to see far more people stretching after the workouts FROM NOW ON!!! Read the article - Program_Stretching_After_Vigorous_Physical_Training.pdf Wednesday’s Workout: Warm Up: 20 m Butt Scoot for Time Record you score here as we will come back to this sometime in the future Tech: Max Static Box Jump Been a while since we did this. Always entertaining. Those of you who reach your max early in the session just keep hitting it. Workout: 15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 30 Second Ring LSit Hold Rounds in 15 minutes Be certain to maintain straight legs that are parallel to the ground. The lovely and talented Kelly Hansen shows us a superb ring Lsit in this first picture.image She was also generous enough to show us the broken leg lsit which is a no no.image Last picture is the VBear (Vacation Bear) showing us a straight leg Lsit but the legs are tilted way too far towards the ground.image Use the parallettes if you can't maintain the unstable plain of the rings. Use 2 boxes if you need to Lsit crouch. Score it AMRAP with each round being 45 points (15 C2B and 30 Seconds). Wish Kelly and Bear a great vacation as they are off to New Zealand on Wednesday. I got this workout of a while back. Chewb Steak and I did it last week. It was stupid hard and a really good test. Good Luck!! Shep