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About the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Program

About the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Intro -  usually held once a month on an appointed Saturday@ 12:30pm-2:30pm Cost: $67.20 Repeat: $33.60 We accept cash or cheque, please pay at the door. SIGN UP HERE  or in the school at the iCocoon bulletin  board.
FYI: The iCST-Intro is the pre-requisite to attend the weekly Stretching Classes on Wednesdays at 7-8
Will I learn something new about stretching? Solo-partial exercises are easy to learn and can be used as daily maintenance.  But your posture and flexibility will improve significantly when working with partners in class, one-on-one, benefiting from assisted stretches. We learn to assist each other in turn of greater results. In this Introduction, we will warm up each muscle group properly before stretching; we will work on the hip flexors (the major shaper of your spinal shape, and a frequent cause of back and neck pain), piriformis  (a muscle that can cause sciatica), the hamstrings, calves, shoulders and a few simple neck exercises, too. Is Stretch Therapy like Yoga? No. The core of Stretch Therapy (ST) is based on the therapeutic effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). The PNF Contract-Relax approach ensures that a deeper and longer-lasting stretch is attained, making Stretch Therapy far more effective than simply stretching and holding a position. How does PNF work? There are 3 steps to PNF also called Contract -Relax approach: First the limb is taken into the stretch position Secondly the muscle being stretched is contracted Thirdly the muscle is relaxed and re-stretched further into the new stretch position What should I know before attending the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Intro? It is recommended to review the principles of stretching safely! Please read this article before attending the workshop. Peek views: <<< View the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Workshop Video >>> <<<View Crossfit athletes' Testimonials>>> <<< To sign up for the workshop today - click here >>> or simply leave a response below. We hope to see you there!  Questions,  please contact Giselle.