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Stretching Class Tonight 7-8PM - The Full Bridge

Tonight... Try your  full BRIDGE and it will instantly reveal your restrictions. Most individuals will have difficulty  to perform a “Full Bridge” properly but as with any complex movement, it can be broken down into a series of progressive steps... Benefits of performing the bridge: Conditioning of the spinal muscles - in progression. Promotes flexibility in the ‘Anterior line’ – Pectoralis group, intercostals, hip flexors, quadriceps, and abdominals. It also builds ‘Posterior line’ strength – includes the spinal erectors (ALL of them), glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, arms, and legs.  Remember your mom telling you to stand up straight? Well the bridge also combats poor posture, such as slumping over a computer or slouching, caused by the weakening and lengthening of the posterior upper-back and neck musculature, and the tightening and shortening of the anterior and opposing musculature.   Join us today and unlock those restrictions one by one.  It's a perfect way to finish your day after the Tabata Squats!  xx  G:)