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Strong Man Thursday

Before becoming a CrossFit Coach I got my Kettlebell coaching papers. CrossFit quickly supplanted my KB training based on the superior results it produced but the KB is still a great little supplemental tool and can be used for much more than the KB Swing: Warm Up: 20 Alternating KB High Pulls to prep the shoulders Tech:KB Snatch 50 Alternating KB Power Snatches Use a weight that is heavy enough to give you some challenege but light enough that you can concentrate on technique. Here is a great video from Jason C. Brown on performing the KB High Pull & Snatch Use the remaining time to set up and warm up your OHS. WOD: 100 OHS Do 100 Overhead squats in as few sets of possible. 25 abmat situps each time you put the bar down. Your score is the number of sets it took to do the 100. You have 30 minutes to complete the workout. (95/65lbs). When I came to CrossFit I had two bad shoulders from fights on and off the Judo mats and they made the OHS pure hell. The last time this workout came up it took me no less than 12 rounds to complete it and I didn't make it within the 30 minute cut-off so I got a DNF and a sore core from all the sit ups I had to do. But CrossFit has really solidified my shoulders (despite all the whining I did during PT about how going overhead was going to injure me). As a result my OHS is much improved - I now in fact love it! And now is my chance to take a 2nd shot at a workout that took me down last time we met. I'm aiming for 4 rounds or under! But I understand TBear has completed it in 2 rounds. Now that's a record to aim for! If you need some OHS inspiration, this video always gets me fired up. In my mind it is the gold standard for OHS strength. I am not yet anywhere near this but today's WOD is another step in that direction:)