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Alex Ianchici, Success Story

Alex Ianchici

Alex Ianchici went from being a new years revolutionist fitness pretender to a fitness for life enthusiast.

I first came to Crossfit Vancouver in 2007, with no real background in athletics, other than my brief year of high school football. At the time I had spent hundreds of dollars on gym memberships that I let run for months after I had stopped going because the shame of quitting prevented me from facing the staff at the gym,he explained.

There was a reason he wasnt stoked to head to the box box globo gym.

For me, the gym was always just a place where I was either fighting others for machines that were there to give you a false sense of working out while watching others actually exercise on TV, or a place where I felt like was always being watched or judged for not being in the best of shape,he said.

And then he found MadLab. He was humbled, but in a hopeful and supported way.

After running 400 meters with a ball in God knows how long, barely doing a single pull up and pretty much passing out before getting to the push ups, I left the gym feeling pretty shitty about my level of fitness after my Fitness EvaluationBut I remember everyone at the gym being very supportive and encouraging,he said.

So he mustered up the courage to return and train under the guidance of Andy.

Andys guidance and wisdom through multiple sets of personal training sessions helped me build a ton of confidence and eventually got me to the point where I was able to join group classes,he said.

He could never imagine going back to his old life.

Being part of the MadLab community for over 7 years has allowed me to tackle physical challenges I never thought were possible for me. From doing multiple pull-ups in a row or even a holding a handstand to sprint triathlons and even cycling hundreds of kilometres through Europe. Im grateful to everyone that makes the amazing community at MadLab for allowing me to feel confident enough to take on anything life throws my way. I love getting up in the morning, heading to the gym and seeing all the friendly faces, definitely the best way to spend 6:00 am,he said.