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Nathalie “Woodchuck” Maurer, Success Story

Nathalie Maurer

Before coming to MadLab, Nathalie Maurer was a Canadian national team rower. She made it all the way to the World Championships as a rower, and collected a couple of Pan American Games medals during her career, as well.

With a masters degree to her name, when she retired from rowing she moved on to pursue a career in engineering. For the first time in a long time, she found herself losing fitness rapidly.

I was feeling unfit and missed the team and competitive atmosphere in my day-to-day life,Maurer said. I had a feeling functional fitness would be a good thing for me, but what I didnt antiquate is the MadLab community and all of the new friends I would make.

She has been with us since 2011 and says shes a different person now than she was back then. And somewhere along the way, she has managed to turn herself into one of the most bad-ass women in the facility.

I love the variety of experiences Ive had while at MadLabfrom competing in my first MadLab competition to competing at Regionalsmy competitive spirit has been easily fulfilled,she said, adding that she loves being part of a team.

Although were not always competing as a team in the strictest sense, theres an extra push you get when theres a person next to you working just as hard as you are,she said.

But even more than fulfilling her needs as a competitor, Maurer has grown as a human being, and she credits this to the MadLab community, who accepts her unconditionally, including the coaches.

The coaching Ive gotten at Madlab has been some of the best Ive ever received, and its not just coaching on lifting technique or pull-ups, its on lifestyle and health thats been just as important,she said. I will keep walking through that door for years to come.