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Robert Beaupre, Success Story

Robert Beaupre

Robert Beaupre has been training at MadLab School of Fitness since 2012. A recreational hockey player in his early 30s, he was simply looking to increase his everyday fitness as well as his speed and stamina on the ice.

He ended up doing more that that.

I played various sports recreationally and worked out out on a regular basis, but it wasnt util I trained with the expert coaches at MadLab School of Fitness that I actually felt like an athlete,he said.

Today, Robert can squat and deadlift more than he ever could in his 20s, and can do pull-ups and handstands for the first time in his life. But beyond the actual movement and strength gains, the fitness Robert has gained has transferred over to both his hockey game and his life as a whole.

I was challenged in ways that I had never been challenged before and the result was an all-around, holistic improvement in my fitness,he added.