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Sarah Kresak, Success Story

Sarah Kresak

Sarah Kresak and her husband Darren have been training with us since early 2014. For Kresak, her first impression meant everything.

“After meeting with Tom, we knew that this box would be fit our needs. From the first group class, I was welcomed into the community wholeheartedly,” Kressak said.

After a few months of personal training and group classes, both Sarah and Darren joined the MadLab Development Program, a program mostly geared toward those looking to compete. What she found was an incredibly tight-knit group of training buddies and good friends, which she especially welcomed since she and Darren had recently moved to the city from Saskatchewan.

“The teams aspect and camaraderie was something I missed from my high school days of basketball and soccer. Everyone wants the best for each other,” she said. “The people I have met through the gym have become great friends that I look forward to seeing after work, or on a weekend.”

One of the other aspects of MadLab that has always impressed her are the coaches.

“Having Tom as my coach is an immeasurable bonus, as his dedication to his clients is very clear. He always checks in with me to see where I am at and how to modify movements,” she said. “His programming for the Development Program has allowed me to continued to workout comfortably while being pregnant,” adding that her high fitness level is also helping her body get through pregnancy.

“And seeing the many families already at the gym makes me comfortable for after the baby is born,” she said.