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Vince McCurley, Success Story

Vince McCurley

Vincent McCurley is the epitome of what were trying to achieve at MadLab School of Fitness: Longevity and Fitness for life.

He and his wife Kim have been members since almost the beginning, and even after years and years of working on his fitness, Vince continues to improve, continues to wake up at 5 a.m. to hit the 6 a.m. class before a busy day at work and an evening being a dad.

He explained his experience with eloquence:

The hazy glow of the triple digits on the microwave indicate that it’s 5:45 a.m. I carefully lift my keys off the kitchen counter to avoid a jingle that could set off a stampede of little feet. As the bolt of the front door slides into place I pause and listen – everyone’s still asleep – it’s me time now,he said.

For Vince, his fitness purpose has changed over the years, but it hasnt become any less important.

At first it was about getting as fit as possible in preparation for a grinding season of competitive Ultimate frisbeeAfter having my first child I realized that maintaining a schedule of 3-hour practices twice a week plus travelling to cities across North America for weekend tournaments was not going to be sustainable if I wanted to be a good family man. So I hung up my cleats and turned to MadLab to stay in shape,he said.

My fitness goals (today) could probably be summarized as staving off decrepitude,’” he joked about how his goals shifted from wanting to maximize his performance to wanting to maintain functional fitness and avoid injuries. It’s all about the long game now – I want this meat wagon to be in good operating condition when I hit triple digits.

Essentially what this means for Vince is a will to stay in shape for the demands of life.

I feel the benefits most during three-kid piggyback rides, when lifting ridiculously-packed Costco boxes of diapers and wipes out of the car, and while carrying two push bikes, three helmets, a bag full of juice boxes, clothes and snacks while chasing after high-speed toddlers,he said.

Despite his humble goals, anyone who has seen Vince workout knows hes doing more than staving off decrepitude. More often than not hes the more fit man in the morning class and sets the bar for the rest of the community to attempt to match later in the day.