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Summer Weather Forecast for British Columbia

Well June has been just ok weather wise.  Seemed a little unseasonably cool to me.

Apparently I was correct?

The Weather Network has released it longer range forecast for BC:

Provincial Analysis: British Columbia

"Warmer than normal temperatures are expected this summer across British Columbia, especially during the second half of the season, when extended periods of hot weather are expected across the interior of the province. 

So far June has brought changeable conditions with alternating periods of cool and hot weather, along with some beneficial rain. The final days of June and early July will bring another period of cooler weather. However, hot weather is expected to become more consistent during the second half of the summer, and this will increase the risk of wildfires during late July, August and into September. 

Near normal precipitation is expected in the mountains with the typical summer thunderstorms that will bring torrential rain at times. Unfortunately, lightning from these storms can also ignite wildfires."

Here is a short video elaborating their forecast:

You can read the whole Canadian and regional long range forecasts here.


I really hope this wildfire season isn't like last year's.

Wishing everyone a hot, very fun and safe summer. :-)