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Summing up the CF Games: Keep Calm and Carry On

image What a memorable week in LA! At the end of it all, a half wasted Andy thoughtfully looked back on his third CrossFit Games: "The highlights of these Games for me were Jason Khalipa's face plant on day one, DJ's 325 lbs. jerk, competing in that last team obstacle course WOD, and Lumber trying to wake up a naked TBear by swatting him in the ass with a sandal." Although I'm sure each of us has our own most memorable moments from these Games, Andy's highlight reel is representative of the week in California: there were many humourous moments, some incredibly impressive moments, some challenging, some satisfying, some frustrating and some drunken moments. But more than anything, the week was a major learning and growing experience for us all. I can't say enough about this team: Despite BK's tremendous efforts (as always) to get our crew logistically organized, we somehow ended up in a house that had 7 beds for 11 people. The fact that we were able to stay in a way-too-small house together for five nights - in creaky bunk beds, on kitchen floors, sprawled in the hallway, and Bradleah and Lumber on one single couch - and not kill each other by the end of the weekend says a lot about our chemistry. Sure, in terms of the competition, we would have liked to have been top 3 (and with one less asthma attack, that might have been a reality) but there's always next year for that. For now, I think we all have to focus on what we learned and bring it back home to Vancouver so we can all improve. For me, the biggest realization I had was this: I now understand the term Keep Calm and Carry On. I think it's time I buy a shirt like Patty and the Pup have. I always hear Patty muttering this phrase, but I didn't really understand it until now. In this sport, there are so many unpredictable occurrences that can creep up on you. Your wheelbarrel can break, you can have an asthma attack, you can lose $25,000 because your gym doesn't have a high ceiling with a rope hanging from it - if you don't keep calm and carry on, you WILL lose your mind. All you can do it go out there and hit the WOD as hard as you can because so much of it is out of your control. This Keep Calm business is a total challenge for a high strung person like myself, but it's only helped motivate me to figure it the fuck out. Back to the gym. My other realization is that we're doing SO much right at CF Van. We really truly have a world class training facility, and that's half the battle. The opportunity is right in front of us, and with a little more experience I have no doubt that this school will get the chance to make it to the podium one way or another. And for now, we should be satisfied with how far this gym has come already; Pete reminded us in his post that a year ago he barely knew what CrossFit was. I know for me there is nowhere else I'd rather train. Thank you to everyone who pushed us day-in-day-out in the gym all year, and to all the coaches. Every single one of us is much fitter than we were last year at this time, and because of this we were able to go down to California and legitimately contend with the best CrossFit gyms in the world. "I now proclaim the 2010 Games officially over," said Patty as we said our goodbyes to LA. "Now let's go back to helping cripples and making peoples lives better." Until next year... PS Brown Owl (aka Snowy Owl or Aimee) is officially the current Tippy Toe Champion! Eunice