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Sunday WOD

Today is Sunday. It is also your chance to make up a workout you missed earlier this week. Perhaps you really wanted to do Grace, or even give Nate a try but were unable to make it in. Well, now is your chance. For those of you who did not miss a single workout this week or find the prospect of doing any of these workouts unappealing the workout will be... 5000 m row Now, a word of caution. The potential for having this many different workouts going on during the same time frame is extremely difficult to coach. Therefore, be prepared to take on some of the responsibility yourself (e.g. setting your own timer, managing your own weights and being aware of your surroundings). If things become too unruly with the equipment and timing then the Coach's decision as to what workouts will be done will prevail. I hope everyone enjoyed at least some of the workouts this week! Kermit