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Sunday’s classes are moving

I think Kermit and the Duke went to the same running coach. Today's Skill/Tech Element: After a very thorough dynamic hip, knee, ankle and ball of foot warmup, coaches run your athletes through some sprint specific drills Today's Workout: Litvanov's 6 Rounds 5 Thrusters (95/65lbs) 50m Sprint Rest 2.5 min Time each round. Add all six rounds for total (leave in seconds). Example 11.1+11.1+11.1+11.1+11.1+11.1=66.6 seconds Morning class bring your mittens Finisher - Spend 30 seconds in a strict Lsit *Starting this weekend, Sunday's 2:30 class, staring TBear the party bear, is moving to 5pm to serve you better* Have a good Friday Andy