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Super Fantastic Stretching Workshop

Dynamic Warmup and Stretch Therapy Clinic image Sunday September 20th @ 11:30am Cost $75 A lack of mobility will not only increase an athlete's risk of injury, but will also limit performance. Following a strength and conditioning program without attention to flexibility/mobility, makes much sence as dropping a bigger engine into a car with a bent frame, you will not be able to express all of your new found power, strength, and speed efficiently. The Dynamic Warmup and Stretch Therapy Clinic led by Giselle Nagy and Yours Truly will introduce methods that will Rewrite poor movement patterns Improve reaction time Improve muscle elasticity and contractiblity Improve coordination and muscle awareness Improve static and dynamic flexibly Strengthen muscles at extreme ranges of motion Decrease injury rates This is workshop is long overdue, I think. This is a definate hole in our game here at Crossfit Vancouver. See you there. Shoot me an Email if you have any questions or to register Andys Email