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Superior Cardiovascular Fitness: Crossfit or the Triathlon??

image We often hear "where are the Cardio machines"?, or "I see you do strength training with weights, but how do you get your cardio"? or some variation of this question from the main stream fitness scene in Vancouver. For those of you who have been doing Crossfit for a while you know intrinsically that you are developing superior cardiovascular fitness than any machine could ever deliver, but do you have superior cardiovascular fitness to that of an Ironman?? Maybe you could ask Emlyn Bolton (our resident Ironman) how much more cardiovascular fitness he has since starting Crossfit 6 months ago, or a good test is to go play any sport wih a Triathlete other than Swim, Bike, Run (slowly). A good Crossfitter will spank the triathlete at any sport that requires strength speed or power (this should be obvious), but what is more interesting is that the triathlete actually gasses (ie can't deliver enough oxygen). Why is this?? Usually I just tell people who are foreign to the CF stimilus "we are doing Cardio with weights which delivers superior cardiovascular fitness to the entire body". Crude but esentially true. For a better explanation we turn to senior lecturer at SFU (Tony Leyland) who is a consultant to Crossfit vancouver and a regular contributer to the CROSSFIT JOURNAL. Here is his reasoning. VO2_max_VancouverCF.pdf