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Surfboard Dynamics and the Greatest Board Ever Built

A bit off the fitness topics usually reserved for the blog, but I thought relevant because surfing is one reason why I do Crossfit in the first place. The above clip describes why my Walden strikes fear in the line up every time chubby old patty burgles yet another wave from some unsuspecting short boarder. smile Also if you want to learn more about surfing check out this site magic Seaweed Friday's workout: CF Total if you didn't do it yesterday 5k Row if you did The long row is a beast and necessary to our monostructural / oxidative development. Can't wait to see who takes this one down?? My money is on the Duke. Saturday: if you haven't done your Total yet and you want to get it in Come at Noon WOD: Grouse Grind meet at the gym at 9am (becky will organize a car pool) or 1pm (Matt Doyle will organize a car pool) have a great weekend Surf's Up!!!! Patty