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Surround yourself with positive people: Because negative people always find a problem to the solution

 It occurred to me the other day that now that I’m not really training for anything in particular—as in I’m not longer a competitive athlete with big goals that motivated me to stick to a regimented training program—if I didn’t have positive, health-minded people in my life, I might legitimately fall off the wagon entirely!

The only reason I’m still somewhat fit is because of the people in my life…

Truth is, often I’m not “motivated” per se to workout. But then I see Dexter walk in at 8 a.m. looking eager to workout, and I know that, motivated or not, I WILL now follow through with my intention to workout.

Or this weekend, I got the text from James to do a Sunday am workout in the park near our place (turns our Memorial Park is great), and before you know it I’m doing dips and rows and running around the track stopping to do burpees, squats, hollow rocks and push-ups every 100 meters.

Having people like that in my life, however, goes so far beyond just fitness: It’s the whole energy that goes along with it that lifts me up.

On Sunday, my eyes still half shut, James leaps from the house full of energy and we go on a chatty coffee run before hitting Memorial Park (all good things). Before you know it, I’m full of energy too, and then use this energy to put in a solid work day of writing (including writing this post).

The point is when surround yourself with positive people, who will influence you in healthy ways, your days will be much better for it, physically, and more importantly, emotionally.