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T-Bear Gymnastics

image The Bear has done a hell of a job with the Wednesday gymnastics. He has come a long way from no push ups and a back injury 5 years ago here's to the bear......... booooooooooooooooooo Gymnastics instructor Mutha F$#kas. Post your favorite Bear moment to comments. Wednesday's Lesson Plan Warm up: Max L- sit hold 30 s rest x 2 reps followed by Max handstand hold (wall) x 2 reps Tech: (play with moves your students want to learn...take a vote) WOD: Super GYM 30 Muscle ups 30 Handstand push ups Mix and match, 1 mu = 3 pull + 3 dip, 1 abmat HSPU = 1/2, 2 abmat = 1/4 still not as rx'd Patty