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T-Bear Student Meeting - Tuesday Nov 23rd, 7pm

It's time to meet again & enjoy some Paleo Vino, Raw Milk Cheeses and taste some of my bison ribeye appies. Every Coach will be meeting with their crew (over the next month) to chat about current crossfit affairs, apprentice and student goal setting, school curricula offerings and field any questions you may have, and also take advantage of our upstairs Lounge! So please make time to attend, I'd love to have a big group of you all there. The Gymnast Hollow and Arch position - Get them both soon! Why? The focus for gymnasts is body tightness, since a tightly contracted body is easier to move than a relaxed body. Ever tried to move someone who is passed out? or remember Monday when our stronger dudes got a few more static muscle-ups when they where in the hollow V-ish position? Check out some of these moves. What do you notice? Two Moves for Technique and Fun this Wednesday 1. Cranks - Are basically Front Lever's done slowly from top to bottom. See description below. Give them a go. 2. Get around the Pommel Horse without coming down. Can you get around five times without dismounting? Who's got what? Stay high on top of the sucker and stretch your wrists good before attempting. Workout- "Rock a Baby" 100 Hollow Rocks 25 Burpees (Type 1 flopper) 75 hollow Rocks 20 burpees 50 Hollow Rocks 15 Burpees 25 hollow Rocks 10 burpees Bull 17:37, T-Bear 12:08 T The Front Lever is a strength move that is performed on the rings or pull-up bar. Begin from an inverted hang (you hang upside down with a straight body with your hips by your hands). Make a very tight grip, tuck your pelvis to assume the hollow position, squeeze your abs and glutes, tighten your legs, and point your toes. Begin to slowly lower your body maintaining the hollow position and keeping your arms straight throughout. Consciously tense your armpits and isometrically (without any actual movement) pull downwards (towards the bar or rings) and inwards (towards the front of your body) with your hands (activating your lats and your chest). Begin with a small range of motion and work towards holding a horizontal position for a few seconds. Try in a tuck position as well but make sure your arms are kept straight.Hollow rock Hollow Rock image The starting position is lying on the back in a hollow. A hollow position for this purpose is one in which the pelvis is turned under (i.e., tail tucked), legs are lifted slightly off the floor, lower back is touching the ground, head and shoulders are lifted slightly off the floor, and arms are held by the ears, off the ground. From this position, rock smoothly back and forth, keeping the body tight, the hip angle constant (no piking of the hip), and the lower back rounded. Any thumping in the motion shows that the hollow position has been compromised, which indicates that your abs are not strong enough to keep the pelvis turned under in this position. Keep training.