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Tag Team Wednesday

Alright Ya'll. I originally had a different workout planned for today but heard a lot of people complaining about sore shoulders so I have changed it to a tag team competition. image These guys were hillarious in their day. Loved Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart. Remind you of anyone? Wednesday's Workout: Part 1 - The Beep Test Part 2 - As a team of 2 complete the following. Only 1 of you can work at a time. 100 Pistols 100 V Sits 100 Box Jumps (20 ") 10 Over the Bar Take time to recover between workouts. If classes are big then half the class can do it in reverse order. There should be ample time after both workouts are done for a group stretch. Beep test can be done inside or also be done outside ( possible sunshine therapy). The start of the 20 m is the base of the agility ladder and the 20 m is marked with blue spray paint. I learned a new rule the other day. Apparently you are aloud to miss an end (length) on the test but not 2 in a row. Be on your honour! LeaderBoard today will be for the Beep Test. A Few Announcements... Rope climbs coming on Thursday so bring a long sock. The Sunday afternoon class will be moved to 3 pm to make time for the Men's Gold Medal Hockey Game. Cheers! Shep