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Take a look at Cronometer

So a few of my clients including myself are pretty impressed with a tool called Cronometer.   

The stuff within it is amazing!  With my engineering background and the engineering people behind this tool they have begun dismantling the unknown and all the BS claims that we are bombarded with on boxes of foods, commercials, etc.  This is not only a great tracking tool for what you've eaten but one that then displays your nutrient breakdown and pitfalls along your daily way.  It of course, can track your calories and your grams of Protein, Fat, Carbs, and Alcohol.  Which we can then use towards different dieting approaches from the Keto Diet, wanting to bulking up, or whatever.

Beyond this I can enter a number of foods for the day and the amount to see what I could potentially get out of them nutritionally. 

For example, I have been challenged getting enough fiber and folate (B9)

So I search out the foods I can stomach (not sensitive too) enter them in and see what general quantities I need to optimize my diet further.  In the case for folate I now understand why I was lacking this nutrient.  90% of the top foods that are rich in folate - I either test sensitive to or just can't stomach them.  Lucky I can handle Spinach, but collard greens and brussels sprouts(yuck), and asparagus and broccoli(I tested highly sensitive too).  And yes, I can get folate from berries and nuts but they aren't 1/10 as nutrient dense as Spinach - which is the wiser caloric choice.  

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