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The Tall Kneeling Step Out and Up

A good golf swing is made up of many different moving parts.  However, you aren't going to get very far without stability, rotation and balance.  Not to mention your nervous system has to be firing on all cylinders. 

Head TPI Golf Fitness Trainer and founder of The Next Level, Jason Glass, has developed a movement that can help us practice all these facets of the golf swing - The Tall Kneeling Step Out and Up. An extension of the half kneeling step outs with rotation.

"The Tall Kneeling Step Out & Up is a High Threshold exercises designed to stimulate your nervous system and develop a more efficient neuromuscular connection to improve rotational athleticism. It requires each segment of the body to act as a driver of movement, stabilizer for rotational slings to anchor on to and become a base for quality movement to occur in the segment above and below. Perfect exercise for any golfer, baseball player, thrower, hockey player, soccer player or any other rotational athlete! The key is to move smoothly and efficiently without any stoppages or breaks in the movements."    Jason Glass

The more I practice this movement the more fluid and balanced my golf swing is.  You get weigh shift, stability, balance and rotation but above all you get stimulation of your nervous system to do all these things in a sequence. 

Come on in to MadLab School of Fitness and give it a try.  :-)

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