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Some call the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon, in Northern Mexico, the greatest race the world has never seen, because of its remote location and forbidding terrain through the deepest gorge in North America. The 2009 event had 365 participants (in which 265 were Tarahumara, the indigenous people of the area, considered some of the best long distance runners in the world), and awards everyone who finishes 500Lbs of corn. The top ten finishers get prize money funded by donations. No corporate sponsors. A race for the people, by the people. The Rarámuri (which means Foot Runners, is what the Tarahumara call themselves) are a very reclusive, minimalist people who live very close to the earth. Running is at the center of their culture. They never train, stretch, or warm-up before races. They wear homemade sandals made out of tire tread, strapped to their feet with leather, and they’re capable of running distances that would make an average marathon runner fall to their knees. image Today's Workout: (from CF Invictus) In teams of two complete 60 Burpees 200 Kbs (1,1.5 pood) 200 Box Jumps (19", 24") 2000m Row Teams can complete the above in any order, in any combination (these reps can be fractioned ala Murph). Only one athlete working at a time Saturday's Workout: The Chief 3 Power Cleans 135/95 lbs 6 Push Ups 9 Air Squats AMRAP in 3 minutes. rest 1 minute between rounds. 5 rounds Here are a couple of quick articles about honour in sportsmanship form a great website called Sport at its Best Come stretch at 12:30 Andy