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Tbear Day 1 - Power Cleans

Monday Technique session Power Cleans (3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1) Let's perfect the technique and get some viscous and explosive lifts done. AVOID the ugly reverse curls! WOD - is a little metcon competition that's been handicapped. Go Hard Go Fast!! 9 Power Cleans 18 Push-ups 27 KB Swings (Red/Black) 36 Squats 400m Run * loading should be 80% of your 1Rep Max Power Clean. Coaches will set this weight for you prior to workout based on your best executed max power clean. For Funsies, I'm attempting to keep the intensity similar for everyone on the power cleans. All athletes, give it their all and save some for Tuesday's WOD. This one should take 4 to 7 mins to complete. Break the classes into heats and have 4 to 7 athletes go at once. Let's create some good drama. Enjoy. Coach Rip explains more of the finer details here - check it out Mike Burgener: The Second Pull